GABIRIA METAL- Fundición de acero moldeado, Moulded steel foundry, Altzairu moldeatua, Fonderie de acier moulé, Giesserei für Stahlformguss (Gipuzkoa)

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Metal Gabiria has more than 40 years of experience on the metallurgical market, bringing solutions for different technologies and sectors. We are a global company with a high degree of internationalization and we try always to guide our clients in projects, equipments and highly competitive environments.

gabiria-metal-exteriorOur team consists of highly qualified personal having extensive experience in the industry.

Engineers, technicians and inspectors form a team that is perfectly aligned to comply with changing market demands.

"Metallurgical solutions for different technologies and sectors."

Avenida de la Libertad 24 - 2º, 20004 San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa) SPAIN | Tel +34 943 88 05 20 E-mail